A platform that eases Healthcare transactions

Insurance frauds are a common incidence. Using or platform in insurance, companies can keep track of past claims made by a client and the possibility of her claims being fake. 

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Risk Assessment

 Track customers in order to predict and calculate risks

Fraud Detection

Match the variables in every claim against the profiles of past claims

Customer Experience

Personalized offers to their customers based on their preferences 

Get the best of both worlds

Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors, habits and needs from various sources is very strategic for insurers in order for them to anticipate future behaviors, to offer relevant products and to identify the right segmentations.



Enabling customers to get their prices for the drugs under their insurance plan at the location requested, when they get their medication from a physician. 


Improve fraud detection and criminal activity through data management and predictive modeling. 


With the help of real-time analysis, insurers now can make daily adjustments to premium rates, premium strategies and underwriting limits by combining internal data with external data.


After gaining a full understanding of customer behavior, insurance companies became more efficient in offering targeted products and services.

Carolina Mejia

ARS, Business Intelligence Director

"We're getting into our business with an understanding of the RISK far better than we ever have. "

Pamela Reyna

ARS, Marketing & Corporate Development VP

"With the platform, I know what the client is actually in need of."



A platform that eases Healthcare transactions

 Match the variables in every claim against the profiles of past claims which were fraudulent

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